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About Us

As a little girl, I loved to watch my grandmother (affectionately known as “Mamma Ruth”) bake her sweet potato pies, peach cobblers and pound cakes! I would watch with amazement at how she would so effortlessly mix all the ingredients together and produce desserts that “made you want to wiggle your toes.”

When Mamma Ruth died, I decided to take a stab at making Sweet Potato Pies for our Thanksgiving gathering, and they were a big hit! When people started giving me pie orders, I knew I had to turn it into a business. I wanted to name the business Southern Delights. However, my daughter Morika insisted that I honor my promise of naming the business after her. Therefore, I combined both names and called it Morika’s Southern Delights Dessert Company. Morika’s Southern Delights was born!

Over the years, we have added many Southern desserts to our repertoire, however, the Sweet Potato Pie continues to remain the biggest seller.

And, if you have a craving for a Southern dessert that you don’t see on the menu, please feel free to call us, and we’ll be happy to prepare it for you!

Norma Stewart

In Loving Memory:
Annie Ruth Lindsey
(Mamma Ruth)

Mamma Ruth

September 8, 1916 to
April 28, 1986